Dual Celebration for Actor Amit Jain

March 2 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Bollywood was the trendsetter and television has, apparently, refused to stay far behind! Amit Jain is the latest small screen actor to have joined the bandwagon of celebrities launching personal websites. He desires to keep in touch with his fans and well-wishers via blogging and his personal website. March 3 will call for dual celebration, as his blog and website are due for launch on this versatile actor’s birthday. When asked about his plans for the big day, the ambitious actor replies, “I like to celebrate my birthday like any other day. Every day is important. But, with the launch, maybe this birthday will be a special one.”

From the journey of his life and childhood pictures to exclusive videos and a slam book of his own, Amit’s website will be a one-stop shop for all of his fans and viewers. Launching his official blog on India-Forums, his motive to interact with his audience on this personalized level is ‘to thank them for their undying support, keep them updated about developments in his life as well as give them a thorough insight on Amit Jain’s life and whereabouts”. His fans will see his purest and most authentic form.

The family-oriented actor is on a short break from the camera for now, eager to brush up on skills like dancing. “That is another reason for this launch. I won’t be seen much on and outside the screen and, in the meantime, I don’t want to disconnect completely from the audience.”

While the only sign of him during this break will be commercials, Amit is desperate on making it into Bollywood. “By God’s grace, I won’t be referred to as the TV actor who tried his luck but failed on the big screen. Some will break the rules and the norms and emerge victorious. So far, it has not happened. But there will be somebody who will manage to break this norm and I hope to be that somebody.”

Holding that thought, he discloses his endorsement of a leading brand. “The scenario is changing with television actors also being approached to endorse products. The ad will be aired soon and I chose to do it since it is a 100% beneficial product that won’t do any harm to its users. I refrain from endorsing tobacco and alcohol”, says the fit and conscious actor.

We wish the debutante in the world of blogging a lot of good luck.

-Sampurn Wire

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