Dr. Kalyan Gangwal

Born in the year 1945. Dr. Kalyan Gangwal hails from Sangamner in Maharashtra and has had a brilliant academic and professional career. He is associated with a number of prestigious institutions such as the KEM Hospital, Poone Hospital, Pune and the Sasson General Hospital, Pune. He is a Medical Practioner by profession has chosen vegetarianism as one of the subjects of his special interest throughout his life and believes that vegetarianism is the ideal food for human beings.

Dr. Kalyan Motilal Gangwal, Pune, Maharashtra the crusader for vegetarianism receiving the Sixth Mahaveer Award for Excellence in the field of propagation of Non-violence and Vegetarianism from Shri P.T.R. Palanivelrajan, Hon'ble Speaker of Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly at the Annual Mahaveer Awards Day 2000.

He has set apart every weekend for propagating vegetarianism as a basis of life. His campaign for vegetarianism is done through the means of exhibitions, lectures, slide shows, books in various Indian languages and in English. His campaign against killing animals has resulted in the closure of a number of abattoirs in the country and his fights for the rights of animals include opposition to bullock cart races, cock fights, the custom of sacrifice of animals on religious grounds, etc. He has written a number of books in Marathi and Hindi advocating vegetarianism and all his agitations in favour of vegetarianism have always been peaceful. He has received a number of medals and awards both for his performance as a doctor and for his advocacy of vegetarianism. He has also taken considerable interest in the "Movement for freedom from addiction".

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