Kiran Shah (Little Kiran)

Kiran Shah :: born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1956.

He lived in Kenya until he was twelve years old when his family decided to move to India. It was in India that Kiran decided to get involved with films, but due to his fathers poor health they decided to leave India and move to England, London where his brother was already settled. Kiran continued his studies in London, but was still interested to get into show business. In 1973 while reading Time Out magazine he spotted an advert auditioning for the Red Buddha Theatre Co., encouraged by his brother he decided to audition. He successfully got the part of the main clown and mime artist, and went on tour with the company in Italy, in the play 'Man From The East'. For the next four years he appeared in various experimental theatre productions.

In 1976 Kiran had his big break into films, his first film was 'Candleshoe' standing-in for a girl called Sara Tamakuni. On location stunt coordinator Bob Anderson, asked Kiran to do stunts for Sara. From then on Kiran's stunt career started and he hasn't looked back since.

On the same film while being at Pinewood Studios Kiran was spotted by a producer John Dark who asked him to audition for a film 'The People That Time Forgot' for a small part. Since appearing in this film playing Bolum, Kiran has appeared in various films, television productions, commercials and videos. These include 'Legend' in which he was co-starring with Tom Cruise, and 'Titanic' where he did stunts for several children. He was also involved on 'The Lord Of The Rings' trilogy with director Peter Jackson. He was scale double and stunt double for all the Hobbits mainly Frodo and trained little people on movement and mask work.

In 2004 Kiran was back in New Zealand filming 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' playing a character called 'Ginarrbrik'.

Kiran also writes poetry, his work has been published in Britain and America. His poems are based on his thoughts and feelings about the places he has been and the experiences he has had. He has written film scripts and currently is working with his nephew on a script. He hopes one day these scripts will be produced.

In 2004 with his nephew Kit formed a company called 'Little Kiran Productions' and in the same year with kit, he co-directed a short film called 'Still living' and in 2005 they have directed their first feature film 'Weekend Lovers'.

Kiran is a 'Guinness World Record' holder as the 'shortest professional stuntman currently working in film' since October 2003.

Contact: 00 44 (0) 7956 612 338
(Personal Manager John Peters)


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