Magician Suhani

She made her debut as a magician at the age of seven. She gets the world in a tizzy over her magic. She is Magician Suhani Shah, who has carved a niche in the field of magic.

The only magician to drive a four-wheeler blindfolded.

Leaving the traditional tantra-mantra look aside, Suhani has given magic a new face. Fulfilling public demands is Suhani’s first rule. Therefore, she has turned her magic show into a total magic event that includes dozens of illusions, fashion show, drama, dance, music, lightings and all that the masses wish to see. The teenybopper who is the youngest Indian magician drives a car blindfolded. With 11 years of experience as a professional, magician Suhani has performed more than 5,000 shows in India and overseas.

Suhani Shah – The only Indian magician to fly in the air. YES... You really watch her fly before your eyes.

Suhani entered the field of magic at the tender age of 7 when she performed her first magic show on the October 22, 1997 at Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India). The show was witnessed by the then chief minister of the state along with other ministers and the media persons. This gave her shows a kick start and since then there has been no looking back.

Suhani always wants and works upon removing the superstitious thoughts from the minds of the masses. She clearly informs that the magic performed by the magicians are sheer tricks based on science. Magic is an art of presentation and bears no relation with reality.

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